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Print on  Bamboo paper, from Hahnemühle, 290 Gr/m2 

Numbered, dated & signed Clitopatra. 

With or without margin options.

Frist fine Art paper in the world elaborated from bamboo fibers - a material that allows a natural paper production and more resources-efficient.

With a smooth surface, this off-white paper is composed of 90% bamboo fibers and 10% coton, without optical azurants.

It is very well adated to fine Art prints in warm tone colors or monochromes.
A print on Hahnemühle Bamboo guaranty a very extended intense color palet and optimal censervation. 


Sold WITHOUT frame.

Fine Art Paper Print - BAMBOO

  • ATTENTION: You can chose any of my photographs to be printed, within this website galleries or my instagram pages.
    Please indicate with one you chose when ordering OR send me a request by mail.

  • Starting price = 75 €

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