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Erotic Photography by Clitopatra prod.


Erotic photography by Clitopatra prod.

About Me

Hi! I am CLITOPATRA, a woman French photographer based between the French Riviera (Cannes) and Paris. I am a lover of humans, diversity, pleasures, kindness and freedom.

Welcome to my Erotica and Ethical-porn world. 

In a world where we are facing nudity and sexuality all the time; I wanted to create imagery that shows the way I see beauty in these, in a healthy and authentic way and through my woman's eyes, who loves making people feel good with themselves.

There's so much liberation in feeling in tune with your body.

In my pornography Art I try to create imagery that shows authentic moments of pleasures. Not over-acted, not over-controlled. For an experience that is closer to reality. All with an artistique vision.


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All imagery is protected by COPYRIGHT. Do not use my photography without my consent.

All imagery is created with the full consent of every model.


In sexual content, when there is no protection (no condom), it is because the actors will be legitimate couples that got tested for STD before taking-off any protection. I strongly support protection in intercourse as it is essential!! Safety first!

I will be shooting many different kind of sexual acts and practices, please be respectful,

even when it is not your kind of kink.


Erotic photography by Clitopatra prod.

Invest in my next projects
& receive
personalized gifts in response

Special Deal

Being an Artist is not always easy. I am at the start of my Pornograhic Art journey, and at a stage where each projects costs me more than I earn from it.

I found a way where you could help me finance my next projects, all the while getting great deals in return. With this packages, you will receive personalized unique pieces at a better price than my shop art pieces.

It will help me work on my projects, and you will receive memorabilias of these projects, and free access to the resulting vidéos / images.


Get in Touch

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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