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In exchange of your participation to help me finance my next project, you receive a POLAROID (pièce unique). And a personnalised vidéo of the moment where the pola is taken. Signed.
The polaroid can be a portrait or erotica of the model or a selfie of me with the model, you chose (let me know in the custom text section of the order).

You will also get a free access to the resulting videos or images from that shoot.

Package 1

  • As this is to help me, you get a great deal:
    You get 60% off the price of a pièce unique polaroid Art piece, compared to the ones in my shop.
    AND  a video that comes with it.
    AND free access to the resulting videos or images.

  • Please note that the delivery date will depend on the date of the shoot.
    Some wait is to be expected.

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