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Welcome into my Ethical Pornography Art world.

For ADULTS ONLY. Careful: This is real pornography (real sexual acts), even if it is artistic.

In my Pornography Art I try to create imagery that shows authentic moments of pleasures. Not over-acted, not over-controlled. For an experience that is closer to reality. All with an artistique vision.

This is ETHICAL PORN: where the actors/actresses are only doing what they want and like. In a very respectful environment and in full respect of who they are and how they function.


All imagery is protected by COPYRIGHT.

Do not use my photography without my consent.

All imagery is created with the full consent of every model.


In sexual content, when there is no protection (no condom), it is because the actors will be legitimate couples that got tested for STD before taking-off any protection. I strongly support protection in intercourse as it is essential!! Safety first!

I will be shooting many different kind of sexual acts and practices, please be respectful,

even when it is not your kind of kink.



Aya Benetti
& Rayan

Access the videos and photos that I created with this beautiful couple, inside and out, my dear friends: AYA BENETTI and her husband RAYAN BENETTI.
These are my first pornographic creations.


Here you will get access to:

4 Videos

Vidéo 1 (2'07 minutes): a delicious moment on the chair.

Vidéo 2 (4'55 minutes): the beauty and consequences of a spit well done.

Vidéo 3 (3'46 minutes): an authentic moment of pleasure.

Vidéo 4 (11'20 minutes): the Apotheose, a long and visually mesmerizing blow-job, with a slow-motion and tasty finish.

Backstage vidéos


From the same day of shoot. Including his KING penis and her QUEEN pussy. 


"Rien n'est plus sérieux que le plaisir" - Jean Cocteau

Aya Benetti

Access the videos and photos that I created with two superb women.

Aya & Ruby welcome you to their post-apocalypse hide out, in a secret Bunker Bar in the heart of Paris. 

Where they warm each other up after the end of the world, under the eyes of Alien, on a flipper and on stage.

Here you will get access to:

4 Videos

Filmed in a hidden bar in Paris: a post-apocalypse themed bunker, the ATOMIC CAT BAR.

Video 1 (7'53 minutes):

Welcome to the post-apocalypse hide-out of Aya & Ruby.

Vidéo 2 (2'44 minutes):

Aya offers Ruby her large lollipop for comfort.

Vidéo 3 (4'54 minutes):

Aya gives Ruby a special flipper lesson.

Vidéo 4 (6'53 minutes):

The beautiful finish on stage.

Backstage vidéos & bloopers


From the next morning, in the girl's Parisian hotel room. Under the stare of the neighbor's dog.



"Le plaisir est le bonheur des fous. Le bonheur est le plaisir des sages."

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